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Wendell Rodricks sustainable dress is a new ray of urban fashion

Wendell Rodricks is a sustainable fashion label for men and women who are looking to dress in style while embracing the Earth. Its minimalist style makes it an easy choice, while its high sustainability standards make sure that you are doing your part to help the environment. Additionally, Rodricks has a pledge to create a dress for every woman in the world who needs one, either as a fashion-forward gift or as part of her wardrobe while continuously caring for the Mother Earth and our designers and ingenious artisans! Our brand's commitment to form-fitting, sustainable clothing looks great and feels great, that has made it a definitive leader in the fashion industry. Wendell Rodricks has designed sustainable fashion with exclusively handmade garments. Every piece is created with the utmost care and attention to detail, using natural materials like eco-friendly fibers and organic dyes in order to keep the planet in mind. If you think sustainable fashion is mundane and boring, Wendell Rodricks sustainable dresses for women will prove you wrong. You will find more than just a nice pair of sustainable dresses, but fashionable garments that are bound to inspire and delight you. Our geometric and color block shirt dress is the perfect example of this. Get one for yourself or give it as a gift to somebody who loves sustainable fashion just as much as you do! We use linen, khadi, Beach cover ups 1000, Linen kurtas, Cotton dresses, Shift dresses, Asymmetric dresses, Multicolor dresses, Beach kaftans, Honeymoon dresses for women,Resortwear for women, Short dresses for honeymoon, cotton, and ethical fabrics in our dresses with the utmost care because we know that they are the best materials for making long lasting sustainable clothes.

Make Wendell Rodricks sustainable dresses a part of your wardrobe for an ethical, modern style

Wendell Rodricks is an urban fashion brand that has taken on sustainability in new ways. Wendell Rodricks is known for their one shoulder dress that is made from some of the cleanest materials available. Our Blossom Dress is perfect for any woman looking to live a zero-waste lifestyle. We create a range of modern and sophisticated apparels like midi dress, maxi dress, tunics, kaftans, cami dress, and more featuring patchwork and color block prints to make it a versatile and sustainable choice for your wardrobe. Even our embroidery does not contribute wastage and is a multipurpose piece of clothing. Outfit yourself with Wendell Rodricks and make a change to your wardrobe! With drapes and layers of fabric, this dress is made to be worn multiple times without losing the panache and style. It is an effortless style that goes with every outfit you own! The Wendell Rodricks asymmetrical dress is a stark contrast to the norm of a standard round hem. The ends of the dress are folded back and ends in a wide cuff, adding shape and texture which gives the wearer a unique but modern look. It's no wonder that Wendell Rodricks sustainable fashion is bringing in women who are looking for an eco-friendly way to show off their style. With color block, solid colors and pastels, the dresses are not only fun but also stylish and sexy.