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Featuring a brown tunic in linen base. This contains only one piece.
FIT: Fitted at bust.
CARE: Dry clean only.

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Wendell Rodricks Tunics Collection

Let’s begin with—what is the difference between a dress and a tunic? A tunic is typically longer than a blouse but shorter than a dress. It is a slightly longer blouse often preferred by many women who do not like crop-style tops. Tunics are the upper garments that are gaining popularity among the modern fashionable women of India. Tunics go well with skinny or slim-fit pants. Originally worn as an under or outer garment by men and women of ancient Greece and Rome, designers like Wendell Rodricks have given Designer Tunics a turnaround.


Designer Tunics

Tunics are an ageless silhouette – the beauty lies in the fact that they can dress women of all shapes and ages. You want to feel young, go for the ruffled tunic look or if you want a more mature look, go for the designer Indian kurti style. Pair them with straight pants, or pair them with shorts. Whatever the stylist in you says, go for it. Designer tunics continue to trend this season, so order a tunic online today.


Tunics Designs Western

The Wendell Rodricks tunics collection is eye candy. It has everything you desire in happy colours made from cotton, linen, georgette, and crepe silk. Pick from among the summer whites and off-shoulders to three-fourth length sleeves, depending on what type of vibe you want to create. Most of the Wendell Rodricks tunic designs are western in style. Search for tunic designs western and be ready to find tunics like none other in tunics from Wendell Rodricks collection. Checkout designer collection for dresses by Wendell Rodricks.


Tunic top design

The Wendell Rodricks tunic tops collection is a mixed take on white, orange, fuchsia, powder blue, and a hue of fun shades in linen and georgette. The unapologetic tunic styles are simple, sophisticated, and stylish. But most importantly, the Wendell Rodricks tunics are totally dissimilar from one another. Each designer tunic top can be mixed and matched to look different each time and create a stunning effect. The tunic top design—like the beige and red tunic in polyester base with an asymmetric pattern -- is one of a kind that you will only find at Wendell Rodricks online store. Check out Bandhani Gowns too.