yellow satin v neck cap sleeve top with belt

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Featuring A Yellow Top In Satin Base. It Has A White Belt. This Contains Only Two Pieces.
  • Fit: Fitted At Bust.
  • Composition: Satin.
  • Care: Dry Clean Only.
15th of July, 2023
15th of July, 2023
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SKU:  WERD1120675
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Experience Sensuous, Elegant, And Sophisticated Fashion With Wendell Rodricks' Satin Dress

Wendell Rodricks is all about creating urban fashion that is innovative, fashionable, and reflective of our lifestyles. Our label is designed to reflect the culture of India with a modern vernacular that is elegant and comfortable. Wendell Rodricks caters to all walks of life, from the daily commuter to the international traveler. Our exclusive collection of men’s and women’s clothing is designed to be a versatile wardrobe essential, which can be worn on a variety of occasions. Wendell Rodricks: Indian fashion is forward-thinking and innovative, incorporating traditional Indian fabrics and sophisticated styles into contemporary fashion.The modern rage for satin-based couture is a testament to just how well Indian fashion has taken to the Western world, becoming a worldwide phenomenon. Wendell Rodricks reimagines satin textures and sensuous fabrics for the contemporary woman, offering her a fresh alternative to traditional Indian fashion. Satin is one of the most widely used fabrics in fashion. It is known for its sheen, durability, unmatched shine, and unmatched softness. Satin also has a very elegant quality that makes it seem luxurious to many people. Our tunic dress is a satin style tunic dress with a beaded lace lined bodice and a casual, relaxed fit. This fashionable dress features a sleeveless front with a lace-trimmed open back. Creating a satin organza dress for a woman is the perfect way to show her how much we care. It's just one of many ideas that Wendell Rodricks has to help you create a flawless evening gown at home or on the run.

Wendell Rodricks' Satin Dress Is A Rage Among Modern Women

Satin and georgette create an elegant look for every dress. The use of fuchsia is bold, and the colours are unique. It is now being experimented with by fashion designers who are trying to figure out how they can make satin feel more modern and unique. Our brand mixes satin with other fabrics like cotton, linen, and silk in order to create something new and original. Wendell Rodricks's signature satin dress for women is the perfect piece for lounging in style. This camisole boasts sensuous satin, black lace trim, and spaghetti straps. We use patta detailing over our dresses to create a unique look. Using crepe silk is one of the most important things when creating a designer satin dress. Our designers are constantly experimenting with how to improve the look of this popular fabric. This new vibrant modern colour block print over original satin brings the power of colour to a dress that you can wear anywhere. With its comfortable fit, this dress is the new favourite for bold and beautiful women. With colour block prints in the modern world, we are able to mix in bold colours with neutrals. The white designer satin dresses by Wendell Rodricks is perfect for any season because it's versatile and comfortable. Women love the ruffles,, lace, and extra frills that these dresses offer. They can wear them with a variety of different outfits, and they look great on most figures. also shop for Resort Wear Kaftan, Resort Wear Skirt, Beach Wear for Women & more.