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Wendell Rodricks Sarees

While Goa is known for its beaches and churches, long-forgotten was its very own fashion. One such part of its fashion history was the traditional saree of Goa—Kunbi. Wendell Rodricks, the eco-warrior of the fashion world, revived the Kunbi Saree and put it back on the textile map. He drew international attention to a fabric and weaving style, which the world had almost forgotten. During the Portuguese rule in Goa, the Kunbi tribal community, the oldest tribe of Goa, converted from Hindus to Christians. Though it meant new ways, they never let go of the Kunbi saree. It remained a part of their Hindu culture. Originally the tribal women who worked in the paddy fields of Goa wore the Kunbi sarees. They typically wore the saree by tying in the fabric below the shoulder while a strip of cloth crossed over the left shoulder and fastened on the back. Draped just below the knee, it offered the women the freedom to work more freely in the field. Traditionally, the Kunbi is a Designer Cotton Sarees. Originally in red and black and woven in small and large checks, it was made using natural dyes obtained from a recipe of iron ore, rice kanji (starch), and vinegar, all locally sourced in Goa. You can also shop designer tops, Casual Jumpsuit for Women, Summer Tunics for Women, Sarongs for Beach, Summer Sarees, Goan saree, tunics & more by Wendell Rodricks.

Designer Kunbi Sarees for Women

Besides the traditional Kunbi sarees, the Wendell Rodricks sarees for women are all candy-stripes and modern. These Designer Sarees can surely make any Indian woman look glamorous. Wendell Rodricks sarees are the perfect bridal sarees to be gifted to young brides. With the advent of automation and power looms, the Kunbi died a natural death until Wendell Rodricks in 2010 restored it to its original glory empowering handloom weavers to continue a lost legacy. He even convinced Pratibha Patil, Priyanka Gandhi, and Sonia Gandhi to be its patrons to benefit the weavers. Today, if you want to own a piece of revived art and contribute to the welfare of Indian weavers, buy the traditional Kunbi saree from the collection of sarees by Wendell Rodricks. Checkout designer collection for Men and Goan Sarees by Wendell Rodricks.