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Bridging The Gap Between Art & Fashion with Mondrian Sarees From Wendell Rodricks

Mondrian: a style of art, typically done in grids. A patterned fabric that was created by the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian in the early 20th century. The pattern consists of blocks of primary colors with diagonal lines. Wendell Rodricks introduces their newest collection of mondrian sarees for women who prefer modern lifestyles and minimalist fashion.What makes a piece of art great is how it resonates with people, and that’s exactly what happened when Rodricks created the Mondrian sarees. If you're a fashionista who loves to try new trends, then you've probably heard of Mondrian. This design style is a huge trend in the fashion world right now, and it seems like every celebrity is wearing one. However, even if you're not into fashion, there's still something about this style that's captivating. Wendell Rodricks is a fashion label that specialises in minimalist clothing.The print on our selection of sarees is a tribute to the influence of Piet Mondrian's work on modern art. Women nowadays are keeping themselves updated with the latest fashion trends. Women also want to make use of the latest technologies for their convenience. Traditional sarees are difficult to wear on a daily basis because of the weight, but modern women are more comfortable with sarees made out of silk. Hence, we have chosen a silk saree that has a print of modern art influenced by Piet Mondrian. It's a simple colour palette, but it brings out the beauty of the colors. Hence, any woman could wear this saree with pride. It's a timeless style that will look amazing on any woman!

Reinventing the Indian Ethnic Saree with Mondrian Prints by Wendell Rodricks

The Mondrian Print Modern Saree is an everyday sari with a high-contrast, geometric pattern. The Mondrian Print Saree is an ideal choice for modern women who want to stand out in their daily casual wear. Wendell Rodricks made this saree for women who want to express themselves in the most inclusive way possible—one that represents confidence and freedom. We make sure we use the most beautiful colour combinations that will brighten up your day. With the perfect combination of colors, our Mondrian saree is no less than art. We use pastel shades in mondrian sarees to make them more unique. Make a fashion statement with our handcrafted Mondrian saree. Get a smart look by wearing this latest style from the iconic Mondrian saree collection. With georgette and mauve fabric and a delicate border, Color block sarees, Kunbi saree our saree will make you fall in love with it at first sight. You will stay in style with this beautiful design. We will make sure that our designer Mondrian saree is made with the best quality fabric, to ensure that it never fails to last a long time. If you are looking for something different than what is currently in style, this Mondrian saree would be the best pick for you.