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Wendell Rodricks Designer Casual Blazers for Men

With modern dress codes becoming relaxed, a blazer is the most preferred jacket for an up-to-the-minute man. It is a step lower than the formal suit jacket but higher than a sports jacket. Blazers have a looser fit compared to suit jackets and are not as structured in the shoulder area. The beauty of the blazer lies in the fact that you can wear it over any trousers or designer jeans. The Wendell Rodricks designer menswear collection, has been a favourite with many men who have enjoyed simplicity with style. The Wendell Rodricks designer blazer is one such item in the designer collection that flies off the rack before long. The blazers are typical of Wendell Rodricks signature style—keep it simple. Walk in style with a stunning light pink single-breasted linen jacket with black piping detail and a notched collar or in a black mandarin collar jacket from the collection of Wendell Rodricks Designer Blazer for Men, Blazers for Reception. And till you find one, keep browsing for Wendell Rodricks latest blazers.


Men’s Blazer for reception

Reception suits and reception blazers are trending. There are so many styles online to choose from in men’s blazers for a reception that you can easily find the look you want to create with the perfect men’s blazer. While some men like them heavily embroidered and embellished with crystals and pearls, others prefer the more understated style without the bling. If you belong to the second category, look at the men’s blazer for reception in the Wendell Rodricks label. You will find it there! You can also shop designer pants, mens beachwear, casual blazers by Wendell Rodricks.


Party wear Blazer

The modern Indian man always has a few party wear blazers in his wardrobe. A party wear blazer or Designer Blazer For Men is an add-on to up the style statement. It has the right element for smart casuals that is often the dress code for most parties. Get ready to party in a Wendell Rodricks blazer. Shop designer shirts by Wendell Rodricks perfect as Gifts for Fiance.