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Wendell Rodricks Reinvents Traditional Sarees With Linen For Urban Women

Wendell Rodricks is known for his minimalistic designs in his fashion line. Every piece of clothing comes in the simplest design, made to be both stylish and sophisticated. The saree is one of the most popular pieces in our collection. If you're a woman, then the type of saree you will prefer for your Indian outfit is a linen saree. It's a relatively new introduction in India, and it's becoming easier to find these days. Linen sarees look beautiful and are easy to maintain. Check out Wendell Rodricks' linen sarees for women if you need something elegant and classic to wear! Linen sarees are a traditional and iconic Indian garment. Made from indigenous raw materials such as linen, these timeless outfits are usually handwoven on traditional looms. They can be bought in different colours and designs, and their versatility means they also make the perfect work outfit or casual wear. Linen provides a unique quality and a look unmatched by any other material. It’s a soft yet sturdy fabric that never wrinkles or fades. The result is a saree that looks great from day one, no matter how many times you wear it. Rodricks' design takes traditional Indian workwear. linen clothing, Color block sarees and turns it into chic, modern pieces that are sensual and stylish, comfortable to wear, easy to carry, and above all, wearable for any occasion. Our linen saree offers an opportunity for women who love design and colour combinations to enjoy its beauty without any restrictions.

Wendell Rodricks Presents The Indian Saree In A Modern Way

Our saree is designed with an Indian ethnic look at heart but with a modern twist to it. It features embroidered motifs on the border of the sari, giving it a textured feel to allure you. Wendell's designs are modern, trendy, and effortlessly elegant. Our sarees are all woven on vintage-style looms in the traditional Indian fashion. Today's fashion tends to be all about color-washes and pattern-blends, which is why the combination of print and block looks good on sarees. Our color-blocked sarees are an exemplar of this raging trend. No matter what your style is, you can find a linen sari at Wendell Rodricks. Not only does Wendell Rodricks offer an array of colours and styles, but they also have an amazing selection of Indian fabrics like Kunbi and silk. Our candy stripe saree features an intricate candy-striped pattern splashed across the body with a random print in the border. We also use embroidery to add colour and texture to the fabric. The result is a saree that looks as good as it feels. The only issue with the Indian saree is that it's not exactly what we think of when looking for a dress. However, Wendell Rodricks has taken its creative skills and turned this traditional dress into something that will suit most modern tastes. The collection includes patterns and fabrics that would be suited for weddings and evening parties.