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Wendell Rodricks Kunbi Sarees Reinvents Ethnic Indian Wear For Modern-day Woman

More and more people are starting to wear ethnic clothing, especially when they are on vacation or attending a festival. Ethnic clothing has become more popular, but some may wonder where our ancestors originated. Wendell Rodricks is a fashion brand that provides the timeless and minimalistic styles that urban women love. Our latest collection of kunbi sarees are ethnic Indian and modern at the same time, to be worn by urban women. Kunbi is a traditional Indian fabric. Traditionally, the Kunbi is a cotton chequered sari in red and white with a sturdy weave good enough to be worn for farming. In recent decades, these sarees have been given new life in India with global trends such as contemporary fashion and popular culture. Wendell Rodricks is a clothing designer label which uses ethnic designer kunbi sarees to create modern wear for women. We have used this fabric to create modern garments with ethnic patterns and designs. Our idea of urban India reflects the need for women to incorporate simple yet chic outfits. In our fast paced world, women have been struggling to find their identity. Many have turned to the latest trend of wearing ethnic clothes or styles from around the world. With Wendell Rodricks Kunbi sarees, we can help them in creating a new identity.

Wendell Rodricks Caters To Modern Woman Who Want To Feel Free With Sarees

Wendell Rodricks is famous for its exquisite Indian pastel colored sarees which are handcrafted in India with a traditional Kunbi silk. The Indian heritage and traditional saree fabric of this brand is the main attraction. The colors of the sarees are pastel shades, which are traditionally associated with native Indian tribal wear. The runway can’t help but notice the elaborate and eye-catching sarees made by Wendell Rodricks, revered to be one of the best saree designers in India. The silhouettes and designs of these sarees are all unique and captivating, with intricate patterns that mesmerize the onlooker. The colors of the sarees are bright and fun with patterns that are not too complex. With designs that are simple, elegant, modest, sexy, Color block sarees  and fashionable, Wendell Rodricks is creating the perfect fusion between traditional Indian style and modern Western fashion. Wends Rodricks understands that more women want to feel free and comfortable in their clothing. Wendell Rodricks is the latest fashion destination for women who want to feel free wearing traditional Kunbi sarees. The designer label caters to women of all sizes and shapes with sarees that are comfortable, stylish, and attractive. Rodricks believes that the world today is changing and women should be able to dress up without feeling like they are tied down or restricted. Our collections are designed to make women feel comfortable in their social lives as well as at work.