Italy and Karnataka

Italian cinema has done a roller coaster ride. From Roman epics to Spaghetti Westerns, films from Italy have enticed film fans the world over. Where does one begin? With the best of course. Visconti‘s Gatopardo (The Leopard) is a visual fashion treat. As are all of Fellini’s masterpieces (too many to pick favorites). Films like Cleopatra and Two Women were shot in Rome with legendary beauties. But let us move to more recent film stand out for costume and story: La Grande Belleza (The Great Beauty). Made in 2014 the high life captured and directed by Paolo Sorrentino in Rome is a costume feast in many ways. The film is a true celebration of style and the heady glamour days in the eternal city. A must watch for every film and fashion buff.

Kannada fans will always wax eloquent about films like Ondrontu Kaladalli (1978) and Kanooru Heggadithi (1999). While both are considered classics, we love the 2016 film Thithi. Set in the Indian district of Mandya, three generations of men react to the death of their 101-year old patriarch. The costumes are down to earth but beautiful. Also worth mention are two films that are both set in the British colonial era. Watch Pazhassi Raja (2009) and Lyobnte Pushtakam (2014) for the clothes and the drama of Karnatak cinema.

Artwork by Fabian Gonsalves