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Bringing Back The Fashion Of Embroidery With A Modern Flair

The Wendell Rodricks brand is known for unusual, contemporary clothing and its signature minimalist, streamlined look. Our fashion brand brings designs with a fit that is easy and comfortable-an approach that has earned Rodricks fans in India a name for being the go-to brand for people who live active, stylish and bold lifestyles. The Wendell Rodricks style is one that is as easy and accessible as it is stylish. With a minimalist design that doesn't sacrifice any function, the Rodricks brand's pieces are anything but ordinary. Wendell Rodricks is bringing classic embroidery to contemporary outfits. With our embellished apparel, you can have the style and design of your dreams without breaking the bank. Today, many designers are coming up with embroidered tops that they use to make everything from blazers to sweaters and dresses. They're taking it a step further by making pieces of clothing that are fully embroidered instead of just embellished. This trend is showing up in other places, like fashion magazines and on the runway. We have created a range of embroidered tops for women and dresses that are sure to make you stand out and feel great! We are here to serve you, and our embroidered tunic is a great item for fashionistas that are looking for a simple yet chic way to dress up their attire. Our tunics come in a variety of colours and all across the board, so you don't have to worry about choosing just one color.

Wendell Rodricks Is Creating Embroidered Pieces That Are A Blend Of Contemporary Style And Sophistication

Embroidering has long been a popular trend, and when it comes to fashion, nothing makes a statement like a bold or contrast colour scheme. We use this trend in our designs to create standout, attention-grabbing embroidered tunics, shirts, cami dresses, maxi dresses, crop tops and more. While a full-on embroidered top might be too much for some people, there are many ways to get the same look without such embellishment. For a simple yet elegant style, we try pairing solid colours with an embroidered accent of your choice. Our collection features a variety of tops with different levels of edginess that are sure to be on trend this season. The embroidered designs can be placed anywhere on the tops with an asymmetric cut or patchwork design. Our basic embroidered designs are also great for layering under a jacket or hoodie. You can take this look even further by pairing it with leggings or a velvet skirt. The embroidery on the Wendell Rodricks tops is light and not intended to completely overshadow the original style of the clothing. It is meant to be subtle and add a little something unexpected.