Aunty Marikin’s Bolinhas de Coco and Bathika

1 kg rawa

1 kg sugar. Melt sugar with half cup milk

4 big coconuts, grated and ground to a paste on a grinding stone (NO water. Cannot be ground in a mixer. )

12 gaunti (village/farm) egg yolks

12 Cardamoms (seeds only; ground or coarse lay crushed)

Make sugar syrup. Let it cool. Add all ingredients. Add 100gms butter. Leave the batter overnight.

Make into egg size balls. Mark crisscross designs on top with a knife. Bake in a medium oven (say a prayer for Aunty Marikin) till golden.

For Bathika, use the same recipe but add 1 tablespoon baking powder to the batter before leaving it overnight so that  it rises like a cake.

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