Since the inception of Lakme India Fashion Week in 2000, there have many ramp strides in the industry at many levels. After fifteen years of progressive fashion, it is time to finally put one aspect of the industry in place. The Indian Women’s Standard Size Chart. Floundering between the size charts of other countries has created confusion among designers, buyers, retailers, fashion students and the industry at large. One brand’s ‘Small’ is another’s ‘Medium’ or even ‘Large’. It is time this issue is finally addressed. Lakme Fashion Week 2016 is proud to collaborate with pioneering designer Wendell Rodricks who has been working on creating a Standard Indian Women’s Size chart since 1988. Considering the various body types in India, this chart is an average body size that is challenged only by height. However this has also been addressed. The figures stated are body measurements and the industry is encouraged to add seam allowances depending on the style and fit desired. Lakme Fashion Week and Wendell Rodricks encourage all feed back on the chart and wish you Happy Indian Women’s Sizing days henceforth.

WR LFW Sizing Chart (final)