ECO GOA Collection

For BIOFACH 2012, Nuremberg

Wendell Rodricks brings to BIOFACH, Nuremberg, a collection of organic clothing, named after the celebrated Eco Goa room at the Wendell Rodricks Design Space in Panjim, Goa.

Celebrating the beauty of Malkha cotton fabric and dyes made entirely of natural leaves, fruit skins, flowers and bark, the Eco Goa collection is a tribute to the beauty of nature. The collection consists of garments that are easy on the eye and the wearer, yet cut a fluid silhouette. Employing his famed Indian method of cutting based on ancient geometry, Wendell Rodricks sends out clothes that are striking in simplicity and minimalism, unusaul in the colour combination of a soothing colour palette and complex in composition based on circles, squares, loops and drapes.



For Himalyan at Lakme Fashion Week

India with it’s Timeless of style is the inspiration behind the Wendell Rodricks timeless collection. The concept of zero, the sari, the kurta, the dhoti and the drapes of India come together to distill the purity of the Indian aesthetic. Similar to the purity of Himalyan natural untouched water, the Timeless collection has a purity of line, colour and form. A palette of white, black, grey, gold skin and cranberry brown are treated to a hot mix of fuchsia, saffron, burnt orange, sunshine yellow and iced glacial water. Renowned for his minimalist approach, resort flavour and Indian geometry, Wendell Rodricks presents a collection that is Indian to the core yet international in wearability.

The Timeless collection by Wendell Rodricks is proud to be associated with India’s premium water. Flowing down the ramp on 4th August 2012 at Lakme Fashion Week, masterpieces of Indian aesthetics will set a new standard and appreciation of all things proudly Indian.



Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2012

The new FASH SPLASH 2012 collection by Wendell Rodricks takes inspiration from the new Blenders Pride package by the designer for this festive season. Against a backdrop of black sparkling with gold, models twirl around a splash design that repeats itself on hot colours like chilli red, glow yellow, hot pink and neon orange. This is a Fashion Splash with a big dose of style thrown onto garments that reflect the Wendell Rodricks style. Slipping effortlessly from beach to red carpet, lounge to premium luxury, the ultra sexy, uber cool and posh look of the clothing splashes on the countries best cities and fashion ramps in an orgy of colour, style and sensuality.

FASH SPLASH is the Blenders Pride Wendell Rodricks toast to the country’s 2012 festive season. The collections travelled four cities : Chandigarh, Bangalore, Gugaon and Mumbai.



For Jaquar and Company

Wendell Rodricks creates for Artize a line of white, black and silver ensembles in fluid chiffons, silk crepe and lycra that blend the high fashion style of the beautiful curved shapes of the new Artize range. Taking cue from the artistic quality of the objects, Wendell Rodricks for the first time in his career brings to ramp a stunning array of twenty eight gowns. There are no day wear ensembles in this all red carpet gown collection.

Blending form and silhouette to flow like water, the Wendell Rodricks Artize Collection is in the designer’s signature style with an emphasis on artistic allure. The music compilation has been chosen by the designer in keeping with the ambience and glamour of Artize. As is the scintillating lighting and choreography by Shyamli Kalra. Leading models from all over India come together in harmony to take the collection to the high standards that ARTIZE has achieved in India.



The Wendell Rodricks Ocean Oriente collection for Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week is an imaginary 18th Century sea voyage that leaves Goa and travels to Shanghai via Macao.  Along the way, the styles of Goan costume, give way to the sarongs of Ceylon, Maleca and Malaysia and end up with the silken grandeur of China.

Using an unconventional palette that reverses the obvious colours from these countries, the Ocean Oriente collection uses a soothing melody of pastels that seduce the viewer to a distant time and dreamscape.  Using linen and silk the layered sensual ensembles create an ethereal journey for the senses.