For Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2011

Wendell Rodricks brings to Blenders Pride a zesty Sorbet Splash collection of loungewear destined to scorch like the sizzling sands of Goa. Blended into a feni cocktail are lime green, chilli tomato, hot fuchsia, white, black iron ore and curaçao blue to create a heady festive emotion. Against a backdrop of lazy Latin cha cha and Parisian blues spliced with Goan rave and Carnival Stomp, DJ Troy has blended a fine sorbet of delicious music. Coupled with clothes that are at all times hot, fluid, comfy, body hugging, flirt, sensual, breezy, lounge, resort and totally Wendell Rodricks, the Wendell Rodricks Sorbet Splash collection is Blenders Prides shimmery tribute to a stunning festive season. Get out the ice, the spike and the juice to blend, shake and stir to enjoy the best Sorbet Splash at Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2011.


For Lakme Fashion Week, Winter/Festive 2011

Wendell Rodricks creates a soothing, natural, sparkling, rippling collection based on Himalayan natural, spring water.  The yogic calm of the majestic and spiritual Himalayan mountains is translated at every level employing natural dyes, natural fibres and the close to nature style of Wendell Rodricks creating a collection of silent elegance. Mountain river bed pebbles and cracked wooden beads and twigs are strung into natural accessories. Footwear is designed by Wendell Rodricks in nude and blush pink tones covered in fragile lace. Welcome to the Himalayan Live Natural Collection by Wendell Rodricks at Lakme Fashion Week.


For Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week, Spring / Summer 2012

Wendell Rodricks brings to Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week the flavour of the rock years of the 60s and 70s when Goa hosted the famous moonlit beach parties. Titled “Moonlight Beach”, the collection is a reflection of all the rock decandace of a very special period. Infusing the collection with high voltage energy is a palette of whites, blues, magenta and black in a variety of cottons, linen and silk. Playing with volume, androgyny and a signature fluid style, Wendell Rodricks Moonlight Beach is a unique celebration of an era that was both decadent and innocent for the flower children who were fortunate to enjoy the blooming of the age of Aquarius.