August 2010


For Seagram’s Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2010.

Wendell Rodricks conjours for Blenders Pride an eye candy collection which is what todays fashion looks are all about. The Wendell Rodricks Eye Candy Collection for Blenders Pride is a visit to a candy shop. Bright candy tones in delicious hues are sobered with elegant steel grey and burnt cocoa brown.

 The focus is on bright colour with a cocktail lounge mood. Crisp linens, butter soft jerseys and sensual silks create a sexy line up of resort glamour. The famed simplistic cuts, complex drapes and easy lounge quality of India’s Guru of Minimalism shines through in every garment. Resorting to minimal shine and sequin, the designer plays with colour and tone in a young, playful mood in a fashion world where lounge parties are king and candy colurs flavour the cocktail bar. Welcome to the Candy Shop!


For Van Heusen Mens Fashion Week 2010.

Inspired by the macho Gauchos of the South American Pampas plains and the music and dance in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Wendell Rodricks creates his first ever all mens fashion showing in a 22 year career.  Unveiled on 28th August 2010 at Van Heusen India Mens Fashion Week, the Wendell Rodricks Tango Argentina collection combines the masculine looks of the Gaucho cowboys with the slick feminity of the tango dance. Using a palette of red, white and black, Wendell Rodricks mixes cotton, silk and wool with a Latino flavour.  Smooth textures clash with sheer tones, layered looks blend with sharp silhouettes and the tango of Argentina moves centrestage in this collection which is a tribute to the romance and ingenuity of the Argentinean Tango and the vibrancy and beauty of Buenos Aires.

October 2010


For Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2011

The Wendell Rodricks Kunbi Tribe collection for Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week is the fruit of many years of research and a catalyst to revive the art of Kunbi weaving in the state of Goa.  Marginalised by main stream society, denounced to the lowest rung of the caste ladder and used today for dancing entertainment, the Kunbis deserve to be addressed as the original inhabitants of the land.

Since July 2009, Wendell Rodricks has begun a grassroot campaign to revive the Kunbi sari in a designer avtaar.  Sourcing weavers and looms was a daunting task. The collection is a result of many months of labour and has resulted in a fabulous collection of ethnicity and moderning.  Expertly mixing cotton and silk, woven and knitted textures, the Wendell Rodricks Kunbi Tribe collection is a celebration of revivalism.  Goa finally takes it’s place along the other celebrated saris of India with this path breaking, tribal empowering collection.