For Lakme Fashion Week, Autum/Winter 2009

Pieter Cornelis Mondrian, born in the Netherlands in 1872, dominated his canvas with squares, lines, blocks of primary colours and black grids. Despite little recognition in his life, after his death in 1944, his work became the inspiration for Op Art and influenced décor, architecture, painting and fashion.

As homage to the life of Yves Saint Laurent and the art of Piet Mondrian, Wendell Rodricks presents The Mondrian Minimalist for Westside. In stark black and white, Wendell Rodricks skillfully blends form, texture, construction and fluid forms in Mondrian’s horizontal v/s vertical philosophy. Indulging in the artists colourful expression only for the accessories and the sole sari at the finale. The Wendell Rodricks Mondrian Minimalist for Westside proves that clothing created in a rural Goan setting with international art and couture references can transcend into urban prêt wearability for India. The lines of art, couture and prêt blur in this unique collection skillfully accessorised with Mondrian inspired shoes, bags and jewels.

The Earth Goddess Collection

For Kolkata Fashion Week, Kolkata.

Seven years ago an NGO began working with the tribals who lived on the foothills of the Amboli Ghats bordering Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra. An NGO distributed free gas for cooking and encouraged the villagers to plant saplings which could be harvested for natural dyes.

The Wendell Rodricks Earth Goddess collection uses coarse handspun cotton, viscose jersey and silk.  Garments are dyed with guava leaf, pomegranate, rice konji, local plants and indigo. The dyes are machine washable, UV light resistant and anti bacterial.

Using referrals of old Indian garment shapes, a Goan resort flavour and his signature minimalist style, India’s Guru of Minimalism creates styles and silhouettes that worship the Earth Goddess in subdued hues of olive, dark green ,pale grey, dusty earth, khaki and chalk white.

Lakme Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2010

 Wendell Rodricks at Westside brings to Lakme Fashion Week a sensual rhythm and fluid melody based on Brazil’s languid, lounge style music : Bossa Nova.

Imagine Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro at sunset. As the sun fades into grey dusk, flashes of colour light up the clouds. In this atmosphere of sensual suntanned bodies ending in bright nail and lip colour, Brazilians approach the night in a flirty, torrid mood where Samba and thronged sandals need little more than a Bossa Nova musical repertoire to set the scene.

Using hints of dark dusk, smouldering tans, bronzen bodies and flashes of brilliant colour, Wendell Rodricks creates for Westside a collection based on an abstraction of a music the world calls Bossa Nova.

Blending sensual jerseys, crisp linens, floaty silks and cool eco cottons, the Wendell Rodricks Bossa Nova collection is a tribute to a unique land, people and music that continues to relax the world with it’s laidback sensual vibe. Viva Bossa Nova !!

Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2010

endell Rodricks returns to Delhi after a prolonged hiatus with The Cubist collection; which speaks of the modernity and visionary translation of the original Cubism artists at the dawn of the last century around 1906.

In this collection, Wendell Rodricks looks at fabric and form through the Cubist eye. The sole print in the collection features square edged sea horses spouting cube shaped “air bubbles” in water. The silver seahorse jewellery has been handcrafted by Bangalore based Nisha Mathew Gosh. Wendell Rodricks weaves together linens of the finest gauze, georgettes as light as a cloud, eco viscose knits and butter soft silks to create a line of garments that move on the breeze. The palette includes his signature whites, azure blue, earth red, Indian orange and fuschia pink. Treated to the famed Wendell Rodricks silhouette, styling and fabric treatment, the Wendell Rodricks Cubist collection is a fitting opening collection for Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week, Spring / Summer 2010.


The Wendell Rodricks collection for Chivas Studio, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai.

Wendell Rodricks sources inspiration from birds on a wing. Graceful swoops, plunging dives and fluttering movements provide inspiration for a line of creative garments that are flights of fancy but anchored in reality.

These are garments to dream on…Layered with feathered strokes and breezy fabrics that float, the Wendell Rodricks ON A WING collection for Chivas Studio is in the designers favourite colour : white. Using a variety of fabrics from cotton and silk to paper and latex the designer plays with the unconventional. In a creative studio frame of mind, the accent is on line and form without the harness of practicality. Yet the resulting garments are wearable: outside the realm of the imaginative accessories.