Taj Exotica, Benaulim – Goa.

The Euro India conference at Taj Exotica invited Wendell Rodricks to display his collection at a special showing for 250 select guests. The sixty garment collection was displayed on India’s best by super models the Wendell Rodricks Geometric Drapery collection was chosen for it’s international appeal that was much applauded by the European and Indian presence at the conference. Using a Goan palette of pristine white surf, grey monsoon sky, volcanic black, azure blues, sand and nude tones.

Lakme Fashion Week, NCPA, Mumbai.

In a collection of four layered personae: Virgin, Mistress, Empress and Saint, Wendell Rodricks celebrates the unique and sensational life of the Empress Theodora (c 500 – 548 AD) who was virgin, whore, mistress and eventually Saint in the Orthodox Church, celebrated each year on November 14th. In a colour palette as varied as Theodora’s many facets, the Empress collection moves from Ivory to bright Scarlet, Gold, rich Purple and or silk, the clothes are a tribute to the Empress Theodora’s humble deep Black. In his trademark style, Wendell Rodricks uses a minimal approach to cut clothes that are both creative and practical. Layering chiffons and organza’s under heavy coarse cotton or silk, the clothes are a tribute to the Empress Theodora’s humble beginnings and glittering courtly splendour.

At Amosphere, Pret-A-Porter Paris, Paris

Wendell Rodricks, India’s Guru of Minimalism presents at the Paris Prêt–a-Porter Salon a unique collection that showcases the yogic, ayurvedic and spiritual side of India. For many centuries, the world has been fascinated by the royal India of Maharajahs. In the recent past, fashion influences from Bollywood and Goa hippie kitsch has entered the world market.     

In this new collection, titled GOA SPA, Rodricks infuses into fashion a spa flavour that is unique, relaxing, pure and fluid. Imagine a spa in the paradise state of Goa, India : a land where the sea breezes, soft white sand and swaying palm trees create an ambience that relaxes and soothes the soul.      

Using a palette of pure white with hints of sand beige and pale blue, the Wendell Rodricks GOA SPA collection includes hand woven fabrics, which are delicious to touch. On the body they caress the skin with their pureness and softness. Woven with care in small villages the fabric have a unique ‘hand’ quality.

Chivas Fashion Tour 2007 at Mumbai, Delhi and Dubai

The Wendell Rodricks Lounge Lizard collection for the Chivas Regal Fashion Tour is inspired by and aimed at the young lounge reveller. All over India, the concept of a lounge or club has emerged as an integral part of entertainment. In the relaxed yet energetic ambience, clothing is young, sexy, sporty and yet cocktail. Using a colour palette including black, aubergine, deep olive and silver, the Lounge Lizard collection by Wendell Rodricks uses diverse fabric woven or treated with a technological edge: Velvet is woven with lycra. Organza is heat treated to form pleats. Silver is infused with stretch that does not ‘crack’ the silver. Lycra is plastic coated for a leather shine. All these treatments make the clothes look modern and futuristic. Using a variety of silhouettes, styling and layering, Wendell Rodricks sends out his signature style of minimalism, reinvented each season with a new creativity.