Water Edge, Colombo.

From the white sands and black laterite rocks of Goa’s celebrated beaches, the Wendell Rodricks collection, compiled specially for the Rotary Club of Colombo East, Colombo. Cutting on a fluid line that is the signature style of the designer, the Black, White and Skin Collection is a style statement from one of the most reclusive design studios in India. 

Spring Summer 2006, NCPA, Mumbai.

Born 1877 in San Francisco, Isadora Duncan broke the stereotype of classical dance. She was a free spirit that pioneered a dance movement away from the confines of the Russian ballet. Dancing bare feet, hair flying free and scantily dressed in Greek costumes, Isadora danced using the solar plexus and torso as a generating force. Her celebrated simplicity was oceanic in depth and she is credited with inventing what we call today Modern Dance. Isadora died as dramatically as she lived on September 14, 1927. Her long trailing scarf caught in the spokes of her new Bugatti strangled her.In an imaginary visit to India, Wendell Rodricks creates a collection inspired by Isadora Duncan. In a suite of four tributes : The Purist, Summer Fresh, Nature’s Child and Celebration, Wendell Rodricks draws parallels between the minimalist approach of his repertoire and the spirit of Isadora Duncan………. in India !       

Bangalore Palace, Bangalore.

In the Cruise Collection, the designer uses sheer layers for men, fringe detailing and no embellishment. In a medley of fine linens, cool cottons, lush silks and light wool crepe, this is fabric and cut in its purest form.

Lakme Fashion Week Spring Summer 2007 NCPA, Mumbai.

The Wendell Rodricks Spring Summer 2007 collection for Lakme Fashion Week goes beyond the veils of dark secrets to disclose an ethereal, mysterious collection. Like the spirits and exorcists who are almost always beautiful women, the clothes in vapourous white, midnight black, dusk gray and blood red are a tribute to Goa’s other world. Emerging from dark Goan manoirs, swooping on bat wings, gliding over fields and floating on sea waves, these are what the Western world would call Vampires. ‘Les Vamps’ is about beauty, mystery, secrets, fear and above all fashion; for the woman of today who can take on many emotions : switching from coy innocence to fierce vamp with equal ease. Like the haunting beauty of Goa’s ghosts, spirits and ‘vampires’.