Glitterati, Bombay.
Sand coloured tussar, midnight crepe and dazzling white are used as a landscape to enhance two-toned ring stoles and tie-dyed saris. Hand-painted motifs in gold illustrate village women with pots and elongated equestrian shapes.

Glitterati, Bombay Oogan, Delhi.
A collection inspired by the Ottoman Harem in Istanbul. Sheer organza and flowing crepes are treated with line embroidery and mosaic hand-painted sky-lines. Experimental pastel combinations include pink with apricot, lime with chartreuse and aquamarine with lavender. The tunics and stoles are ‘slit’ to enhance fluid movement. Introduction of a menswear fine in raw silk, lightweight tussar and cotton linen. Motifs consist of hand-painted Ottoman Calligraphy and embroidered Iznic tiles from the Harem.