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The Lure of Luscious Ladakh

A cool breeze swirls around our tent at Chamba Camp Thiksey. Butterflies flutter among-st the bright blooms of marigolds, Marguerite, pansies, flocks, dahlias , chrysanthemums and assorted Himalayan flowers surrounding the tent. A bee buzzes against [...]

The Lure of Luscious Ladakh2018-09-26T14:04:21+05:30

Wendell Rodricks receives French Medal on board French Naval Vessel in Goa

The Ambassador of France to India, Francois Richier bestowed the medal of the Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters (Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et Lettres) on Goan Fashion Designer Wendell Rodricks on the French naval frigate FNS Chevalier Paul in Vasco da Gama Port, Goa on 27th April 2015. Along with the Commander of the French Fleet, Rear Admiral Chaperon, Captains of the various ships, officers of the Indian and French Navy ...

Wendell Rodricks receives French Medal on board French Naval Vessel in Goa2017-06-19T12:29:01+05:30

Aunty Marikin’s Bolinhas de Coco and Bathika

1 kg rawa, 1 kg sugar. Melt sugar with half cup milk, 4 big coconuts, grated and ground to a paste on a grinding stone (NO water. Cannot be ground in a mixer. ), 12 gaunti (village/farm) egg yolks, 12 Cardamoms (seeds only; ground or coarse lay crushed). Make sugar syrup. Let it cool. Add all ingredients. Add 100gms butter. Leave the batter overnight. Make into egg size balls. Mark crisscross designs on top with a knife. Bake in ...

Aunty Marikin’s Bolinhas de Coco and Bathika2017-06-19T12:29:01+05:30

The Shame and Sleaze of Baga

Barely four decades ago, Baga was a little strip of beach, a poorer cousin of the white sand Calangute. The area was a haven for hippies who had a small nudist colony there. The only time Goans visited in large numbers was pre-monsoon when older folk sat in the swirling eddies that churned the river and sea bed in Baga. Considered a natural cure for circulatory ailments, my grandmother made the annual 'pilgrimage' ...

The Shame and Sleaze of Baga2017-12-25T13:20:10+05:30

Goa Art and Lit Fest – 2014

Ladies and gentleman... and the esteemed panel on the dias, Dr Edwin Thumboo from Singapore and Yatin Kakodkar at the Goa International Centre. Thank you to the organisers of the Goa Art and Literary Festival 2014, Damodar Mauzo and Vivek Menezes for inviting me to speak today. My topic is Social Media and books. Last month, reading Harpers Bazar, Amy Molloy wrote an article on the Selfie and how ...

Goa Art and Lit Fest – 20142017-06-19T12:29:01+05:30

Prawn Balchao a la Aunty Greta

Prawns ... 2 kgs, Kashmiri chillies ...20, Garlic .... 2 pods, Ginger ... 3 inches, Haldi... 2 tsps, Onions ... 2, Jeera ....2 tsps, Mustard ...1 tsp, Cardamom ... 10, Cloves .... 1 tsp, Cinnamon ... 3 inches, Pepper corns .... 1 tsp, Curry leaves .... 4 stalks, Salt, Sugar, 1 glass Goan vinegar, 1 glass coconut feni, Fry prawns. Fry onions, curry leaves, masala, Add prawns, Taste for taste ...

Prawn Balchao a la Aunty Greta2016-02-26T12:00:35+05:30

Orrisa / Oddiya – Gossaim / Gossalim Bhaji

Prepare the following: Chop two Gossiam into slices. Slice three onions. Boil and chop one potato. Grind 1″ ginger, 6 large cloves garlic, 2 tsp jeera into a paste with water. Grind 4 tblspoon black mustard in water. Extract the juice and throw away the seeds. Grind 6 tablespoon khuskhus (poppyseed) with water. Keep ready… mustard oil, cumin powder, red chilli powder, salt ...

Orrisa / Oddiya – Gossaim / Gossalim Bhaji2017-06-19T12:29:01+05:30